What is required to e-smoking, e cigarettes can be purchased in shop

This test set is smaller than the starter, but gives the possibly future electric smoker an overview of the various offers and costs. If the sample set tested, the smoker can decide for themselves whether they want to permanently switch to the electric cigarette.

Of course, each piece of equipment in the e cigarette shop can be purchased individually . But this will cost a total of a little more than the starter kits . Because the most important to the electronic cigarette , the battery , already costs about 15 euros. If you want to buy a battery in e cigarettes shop, the various manufacturers and battery models should first be compared. Especially when battery it is important that this brings an appropriate quality and performance with them.

The prices of the depots in the e cigarette shop vary by provider and model. The vaults can be bought as such , which can be filled over and over again , so at this point a lot of money can be saved. The smoker can inhale with a depot about 150 times , sometimes even more . When ego w there are between 250 to 300 times . All the better it is that the depots are refillable, so you do not have cigarettes shop buy at each new filling in e a depot , but only the liquid for his ego-w.

Anyone who believes that they immediately will save some money , they`re wrong . Because the individual components of the e- cigarette piling up to a considerable sum , cigarettes could be bought for a few boxes.

But who is to live healthier primarily interested , and thus to find a healthier way of smoking, for the e- cigarette just right.

On the Internet, this can be a few mouse clicks the different offers compare and order. Thus, the electrical smoking will soon be the new and healthy habit.

How much nicotine is there in the regular cigarettes?

Before this question can get to the bottom, one must understand exactly how the nicotine is indicated to come to the cigarette into existence.

On the box that is not the nicotine content of the cigarette but the determined nicotine content of inhaled smoke.

This is calculated automatically, a defined number of Züen performed by a machine. And the nicotine in the inhaled fraction extrapolated stands on the box then on the package.

In fact, a tobacco cigarette contains significantly higher doses of nicotine and are therefore also highly toxic.

For comparison: 10ml liquid corresponds approximately to a carton of cigarettes. The drink of 10ml liquid is with 18mg nicotine (DO NOT MAKE!). However, it is less toxic than the consumption of only 2-3 cigarettes!

The comparison makes it very clear: The nicotine content of only one cigarette is significant, but only part of it is supplied by the combustion of the lung.

So what is not quite understood is the current dispute in the EU by nicotine – containing liquids and their classification – due to the “high” nicotine yield of 1.8% (in the strong liquids) you want to see there a pharmacy duty as justified.

Nevertheless, in the regular cigarettes the nicotine content is a significant amount.

It is clear. Nicotine is a poison but liquids come in bottles with child safety. A cigarette is not backed up. Since it is questionable what is more dangerous but at the moment it looks already like it, that even in the highest echelons of the EU has no chance to regulate nicotine-containing liquid. Outweight the benefits and the knower multiply.

Nicotine was indeed considered a danger in terms of smoking debate. It will not be carcinogenic and is not a carcinogen – in some cases nicotine is even used as medicine.